The Ritual Committee is the "spiritual pulse" of our Conservative synagogue. Working closely with the Rabbi, we strive to determine and implement the ritual policy of the congregation, always mindful of the wide range of knowledge of our congregants. We invite all our congregants to be active participants in our prayer services, no matter their previous knowledge, and firmly believe there is much more to our services than "something for everyone." The welcoming, congenial atmosphere of our synagogue and our services has earned us the heartwarming titles of "The Haimish Shul," and "The Cool Shul."

Our purpose, as the Ritual Committee of a synagogue with membership in the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, is manifold. We arrange regular worship services for adults and children on weekdays, Shabbat, holidays and special occasions. Weekday services take place Sunday mornings, and Sunday through Thursday evenings. Shabbat services are held every Friday night and Saturday morning. All our services include Hebrew, with many English interpolations and readings.

An integral part of the function of the Ritual Committee is its mandate to be in charge of all religious services of the congregation, including minyans, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, aufrufs, baby namings and to formulate, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the rules and regulations for all services. We take great pride in furthering our congregation's emphasis on the many traditional life-cycle events, and stress our determination to always "be there" for congregants sitting Shiva or reciting Kaddish.

We join with all synagogue committees in encouraging new members to join us as we maintain our tradition of warmth and welcome.