Our Rabbi, Ian Silverman, earned a BA in psychology from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Communal Service from Brandeis University. His ordination took place at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College where he earned an MA in Jewish Studies and his Teacher's Certificate from Gratz College. He earned a Doctorate of Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Rabbi Silverman has been a pulpit Rabbi for more than 30 years and enjoys working with our children in Religious School, teaching Adult Education courses and writing scholarly essays. Two of these essays, one on the subject of the High Priest and the other on Happenstance and Accident in Jewish traditional sources, were honored with publication in the Conservative Quarterly Journal.

Most recently, he indulged his art hobby by completing a complete set of pastel illustrations depicting each of the weekly portions of the Five Books of Moses.

Rabbi Silverman is married and has two sons.

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Rabbi Silverman's Suggested Sites to See

Listen to a very fascinating Hartman podcast  on LGBQT, Gender and Orthodoxy and the recent lawsuit brought because Yeshiva University will not recognize their YU pride alliance, HERE.
Israeli rock star Aviv Geffen, a leftist, announced that he regretted his past criticism of settlers living in the West Bank, whom he had denounced as obstacles to peace. Read how Israel's left is moving rightward, probably as a result of Palestinian rejectionism and geo-strategic realities on the ground, HERE.
A new PBS Ken Burns documentary exposes the Roosevelt administration's callousness during and prior to the Shoah. Read about it HERE.
A Colorado professor at the University of Denver is claiming that the stabbing attack of Salman Rushdie was instigated by an Israeli Mossad agent in order to make Iran look bad. Will the University of Denver condemn this bigotry? Read more HERE. Write the university president, Dr. Jeremny Haefer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to express your dismay.
Hats off to US Congressman Richie Torres for urging  the FBI and the US attorney general to investigate New York's response to surging antisemitism, after Anti-Defimation League recored show a low number of serioius punishments for anit-Jewish hate crimes. Read what a true liveral does HERE. 
California Representative Brad Sherman comments on his Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act bill, which addresses the Palestinian Authority's incitement to violence and antisemitic content in their educational system. Read about what this bill will do HERE.
Read an easy to understand essay discounting Palestinian claims of a historic "statehood," HERE.
The US Dept of Education is investigating whether the climate at the University of Vermont allows hatred against Jews to fester on campus. Read about incidents on campus that have prompted allegations of antisemitism HERE.
Office for the Coordination of Humanitrian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory head, Sarah Muscroft, condemned the Islamic Jihad and was then removed from her position when Palestinians criticized her for her comments. Israel called for her to be reinstated, but instead, she's been reassigned to a new post. Read about it HERE.
The student union of Melbourne has passed a BDS measure. Read about this troubling trend in Australia, HERE.
Read a wonderful reflection on the miracles that we help to generate HERE.
Sign a petition to hold a White House summit on antisemitism HERE.
The mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan mocked African Americans following the death of George Floyd and referred to them as "animals" and 'inhuman." He referred to Jews as "monkeys who tax the air we breathe." Yet he has not been called out in the media. Why is he getting a free pass? Read HERE.
Once a supporter of Yassir Arafat and the Palestinian cause, Black Panther Eldrige Cleaver now calls Arabs flagrant racists and defends Israel, in solidarity with the Jewish State and the Jewish people. Read about his journey, HERE.
CUNY Kingsborugh Community College, found by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to have displayed a pattern of discrimination against observant Jews and supporters of Israel, is searching for an assistant dean for diversity, equity and inclusion, but the search committee includes no Jews and in fact features a BDS proponent. Read about it HERE.
Read a very good article about why the Iran Deal 2.0 is a bad one, HERE.
Watch a video in which a UN school student in East Jerusalem tells how he and his classmates learn to incite violence, HERE.
Read about the affect antisemitism and anti-Zionism has on college students, HERE.
The Biden Administration's Dept of Education Civil Rights Office, OCR, resolved an antisemitsm case in an Arizona school district, finding civil rights violations for the harrassment of a Jewish student. OCR is also opening cases involving antisemitism on several college campuses, letting university leaders know that they are being held accountable. Read about this positive development HERE.
The Lodge-Fish Resolution was passed nearly unanimously through Congress in 1922, "putting the US on record [for] supporting a Jewish homeland in Palestine." Since that time, Jews and non-Jews continue to debate the US relationship with Israel. Read about it HERE.
Learn of some excellent organizations fighting anti-Semistism HERE.

Learn the proper protocol to handle Palestinian activists on campuses as exemplified by Georgetown University HERE.

A video about all the wonderful aid Israel provides worldwide, that will bring a tear to your eyes HERE.

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