Our Rabbi, Ian Silverman, earned a BA in psychology from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Communal Service from Brandeis University. His ordination took place at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College where he earned an MA in Jewish Studies and his Teacher's Certificate from Gratz College. He earned a Doctorate of Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Rabbi Silverman has been a pulpit Rabbi for more than 30 years and enjoys working with our children in Religious School, teaching Adult Education courses and writing scholarly essays. Two of these essays, one on the subject of the High Priest and the other on Happenstance and Accident in Jewish traditional sources, were honored with publication in the Conservative Quarterly Journal.

Most recently, he indulged his art hobby by completing a complete set of pastel illustrations depicting each of the weekly portions of the Five Books of Moses.

Rabbi Silverman is married and has two sons.

Contact information:
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Rabbi Silverman's Suggested Sites to See

Learn about the international disregard for the persecution of Jews from N. Africa and Middle Eastern Muslim states that took place between 1941 and 1952, HERE.

Each year, the town of Columbia, Missouri, home of the University of Missouri, hosts a prestigious documentary film festival, the True/False Film Fest. This year the hosts chose two films designed to portay Israelis as criminals. Read about it HERE.

Read response from NYU's SJP leader to a shameful Twitter post by a former NYU student reacting to the first Israeli death from COVID-19 HERE.

A US group is being suied for financing terrorism along Israel's southern border with Gaza, Learn more, HERE.

A prayer for the health and healing of Healers, from the Shalom Center website, HERE.

In keeping with the Arabic tradition of constructing mosques above churches and synagogues to obliterate evidence of a non-Islamic past, a Jewish cemetary in Yemen is being desecrated and detroyed. Read about it HERE.

The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee will now be chaired by the Joint Arab List, headed by a woman who has supported anti-Zionist terrorism. Read more HERE.

A fun song by Tom Rush, HERE.

Thanks to all who voted in the World Zionist Congress elections. Mercaz increased it's votes by almost 50%. See the results HERE.

Crossings between Israel and the Palestinian territories will be closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Exceptions will be made for health workers. Israel also delivered protective medical gear kits and alcogel to the Palestinians. Read more HERE.

Enjoy a great Israeli musical concernt from of the greatest of Israel's artists in your own living room, Sunday at 4pm, HERE.

A song for community healing on YouTube, HERE.

Actress Rosanna Arquette is alleging in a tweet that Israel has been working on a coronavirus vaccine and put lives at risk for to make a profit. Read more HERE.

Palestinian Media Watch has released a report showing the Palestinian Authority's recruitment of minors to become terrorists and PA soldiers. Read about it HERE.

Are you worried that social distancing is keeping you from accomplishing anything? Who knows what will come out of letting people become fee enough in their daily distractions to imagine and reflect more? Read HERE. 

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a spike in anti-Asian violence and prejudice. Jewish organizations have signed a letter in solidarity with the Chinese and Chinese-American communities. The American Jewish community must be the real friends to the Chinese. Read more HERE.

Gordon Robertson, son of evangelist Pat Robertson, and president and CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network, has produced several films relating to Israel. The latest, "To Life," was released in honor of Israel's 70th anniversary and, he feels, his films are important to tell the real story about Israel the misplaced Palestinian narrative focused on the destruction of Israel rather than an attempt to build their own state. Read about Robertson HERE.

An anti-Israel documentary produced by Al Jazeera, The Lobby: USA, contains footage from undercover surveillance on American Jews and pro-Israel groups in Washington, DC. A screening of the film will take place before Congress. Read more about the documentary HERE. More about Israel Apartheid Week: The Smear Disguised as a Human Rights Campaign HERE.

University campuses are holding 2-3 week "Week" series of events for those in solidarity with Palestine and promoting BDS under the guise of uniting against racism. Its goal is to demonize Israel and those who support Israel. Read more HERE.

President Bolliger of Columbia University has finally spoken out against anti-Semitism on his campus. Read his words, HERE. He did not, however, apologize for Prime Minister Mahamut of Malaysia, a proud anti-Semite, speaking at Columbia, HERE.

A recent event on the Harvard campus included anti-Zionist hatred. Read about this ignorant display of anti-Semitism at Harvard HERE.

Trump's application of the definition of anti-Semitism to Title VI/CRA funding holds universities responsible for civil rights violations by biased professors, etc. Universities have typically blocked reforms that threaten federal dollars for their institutions, but administrators, alumni, students, donors and taxpayers should be demanding these changes so that taxpayers aren't supporting the spread of anti-Semitism on campuses. Read more HERE.

The PA is seizing antiquities in an effort to hide evidence of a Jewish entity present in the region prior to modern Israel. Read about it HERE.

Read more on the true indigenous people of the Land of Israel, HERE.

The phrase, "Free Palestine" does not mean to liberate Palestinians but actually is the equivalent of "Kill Jews." Read why, HERE.

A New York congressional candidate, Jamaal Bowman, has been endorsed by The Jewish Vote, which has expressed support for anti-Semites. The Jewish Vote has defended the anti-Semitic comments of Linda Sarsour and Zahra Billoo, and the leader is a delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders. Read more HERE.

Responding to rising xenophobia against the Chinese over the spread of the coronavirus, a letter representing several Jewish organizations has been written in solidarity. Read the letter HERE. A letter doing the same from the United Chinese Americans is HERE, remembering the Chinese Americans, in turn, who have come to the support of the Jewish Community.

The Duke University administration has been silent, wild SJP intimidates pro-Israel students. At the same time, the rabidly anti-Semitic faculty has been publishing invented blood libels against the State of Israel in the Duke University Press. Read about it HERE.

Read Judy Davis' lates blog in The Times of Israel, describing the valuable role Israel plays for the US and vice versa, HERE.

Israeli pop sensation Nasrin is a Muslim-born star who sings in both Arabic and Hebrew, and has converted to Judaism. Read more about her HERE.

The Vatican is readying to unseal the archives of Pope Pius XII making the Catholic Church's role in WWII more transparent. Read about the importance of this event HERE.

Georgetown University has instituted a project, the Bridge Initiative, tot inform the public about Islamophobia. The group whitewashes Hamas, ignoring Hamas's "murderous ideology" and its designation as a terrorist organization, pointing to the opposition to Israel's existence that is now prolific within our universities. Read more HERE.

Egypt is building a wall to separate it from Gaza in order to block tunnels and the entry of gunmen from the Gaza Strip in to Sinai. Read about it HERE.

Once again, the New York Times refuses to acknowledge that Palestinian leaders continue to reject offers for an independent Palestinian state. Instead, they again are making out Trump and Netanyahu as the villians in the new peace proposal, and Abbas and the Palestinian leaders as the victims. Read about it HERE.

While Palestinians are not entitled to participate in Israeli elections, they are able to vote in Palestinian elections. The problem is that their local elections haven't been held since 2005 due to Fatah-Hamas disagreements. While they claim that Israeli occupation is what is keeping them from voting, in fact the "Hamas-Fatah enmity, ineptitude and indifference is what really disenfranchises Palestinians." Read about it HERE. 

An annual carnival in Aalst, Belgium that is rooted in Medieval times has, in the past, included racist and anti-Semitic representations, but this year, was filled with an astounding number of anti-Semitic themes, costumes, displays and statements. Read about it HERE.

This year, the Palestinian Media Watch has supplied UNICEF with a report showing that the PA indoctrinates Palestinian children to hate Jews and Israel, weaponizes them and promotes their participation in violence. Past UNICEF reports have ignored this data and instead has routinely blamed Israel for its treatment of Palestinian children, ignoring the PA's violation of international law. Read about this situation and the PMW report HERE. Fatah endorses child abuse by promoting videos showing young children acting as soldiers and saying that they want to die as martyrs for Allah. Learn more HERE.

Bravo to Cornell University's president, Martha Pollack, and her excellent reply to the school's Students for Justice in Palestine, which called for the university's BDS divestment. Read Pollack's letter to SJP HERE.

The Birkenau, Poland church, topped by its large cross, on the perimeter of Auschwitz, is an affront to many who view Auschwitz-Birkenau as a sacred Jewish memorial ground. Read more HERE. 

Read why the right, center and left in Israel see potential in the Trump Peace Plan, in an article authored by a former Labor Party member of the Knesset, HERE.

Read some interesting articles regarding Michael Bloomberg's candidacy. His centrist voice may appeal to many. Read a Washington Post article about his stance on anti-Semitism, Iran and Israel HERE. Read his criticism of Trump and Sanders from the Sun Sentinel HERE.

Please take a few moments and vote toward the vitality of conservative Judaism in Israel– vote Mercaz HERE. NYC-Long Island synagogues are competing for which shul has the most people voting, so please help Rabbi Silverman's ENJC win!

The UN released a list of Jewish-owned businesses in the settlement areas and the companies that do business with them, much as the Nazis instituted a national boycott of Jewish-owned businesses soon before they came into power. Yet other countries with land disputes are not blacklisted--only Israel. Read about it and watch a video, HERE.

Read a positive perspective on the Trump peace deal by an Ottoman Turkey historian and former US Department of Defense official, HERE.

Women of Radical Islamic nations feel that the hijab stands for chastity ethics and deprives them of their basic rights. For years, many women have been arrested and imprisoned for refusing to wear them. Yet in Sweden, women champion the hijab and see it as the "look of the year." World Hijab Day was February 1st, when someone should have stood up for the women who do not want to wear one. Read about it HERE.

Judaism is not a religion; it is the identity of a people forcefully removed from the land of Judea that is made up of the culture, values, laws, ethics, history tradition, aspirations, connection to a higher power, way of life and will of a people that wishes to someday return to their homeland. Watch an informative and entertaining video that explains who we are as Am Israel, HERE.

Facebook has, for years, turned a blind eye to the promotion and glorification of terror and murders of Israelis. Read about their double standard HERE.

UC Santa Barbara is calling for a boycott of a Hillel sponsored trip to Israel and Palestine, which is advertised to explore Israeli society, Palestinian society and conflict in the region, with a variety of speakers that include Christian, Druze, Jewish-Israeli, Palestinian and Muslim voices. Students for Justice in Palestine oppose the trip for a variety of baseless reasons you'll find HERE.

Surprisingly, Arab states have been restoring Jewish heritage sites and remembering Jewish history within their lands. Learn more HERE.

Sadly, who is hurt most from the UN blacklisting of companies dealing in the settlements is Palestinian employees. Read why HERE.

Another wrinkle in the Trump peace plan: Part of the plan involves redrawing the border to allow the Galilee Triangle, now part of Israeli but inhabited by mainly Palestinians, to become part of the State of Palestine. The problem is that those Arabs prefer the perks of being Israeli citizens, and if they are forced to be part of the Palestinian State, will move to Israel, which Israel does not want. Read about it HERE.

The Trump peace plan needs pragmatic Palestinian business leaders to negotiate with rather than the corrupt dictatorial leaders of Abbas and his repressive regime. Read Natan Sharansky's commentary HERE.

Watch a short video that shows how Israel won the War of Independence in 1948–with four Messerschmitts smuggled from Czechoslovakia and piloted by Jewish pilots from the US, UK and Canada in a trailer for the movie "Above and Beyond," HERE.

Can a Jewish man touch a woman or shake her hand? There is nothing in the Torah or Talmud forbidding it. Read the response of the Schechter Institute, HERE.

Get a glimpse into the life of Kirk Douglas through the words of his rabbi, David Wolpe, HERE.

Sign a petition calling on EU member states to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism as a first step toward enforcing legislation against hate. Sign HERE.

A recent Harvard graduate, attending a lecture called "The Hundred Years' War on Palestine" last year at the Midtown Harvard Club, dared to ask a question which spurred on "mob-like" fury. She was subsequently expelled from the Harvard Club. She is now suing to be reinstated. Read about it HERE.

Despite the generous offers Israel has made to the Palestinians for peace, they have always rejected them. Now, regardless of what you think of Trump's plan, he has shown them the price of saying no. Read From Rabin to Trump: A Price for Saying No? HERE.

See VP Mike Pence's Yad Vashem speech in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, HERE.

Watch a video from a new animated web series in Arabic that hopes to build bridges between Muslims and Jews, HERE.

Over thousands of Americans have signed a petition asking members of Congress to withdraw letters of support for the Council on American Islamic Relations saying that CAIR is anti-Semitic and should not be supported by anyone who opposes racism. Read about this effort HERE.

Kansas City Chiefs' lineman Mitchell Schwartz is proud of his Jewish identity. Read about him HERE.

The Senate passed a pro-Israel/anti-BDS bill, which imposes new sanctions on Syria, boosts security cooperation between Israel and Jordan, and allows state and local governments to ban contractors who participate in BDS. Those opposing the measure were Rand Paul (R), Bernie Sanders (I), and 21 Democrats, including Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren. Read more, HERE.

Read Bret Stephens Op-Ed from The New York Times, discussing the Trump peace plan. Every time the Palestinians have turned down a peace effort, they have come away with less. Read the pros and cons HERE.

Will the Palestinians accept or acquiesce to Trump's Peace Plan? Since a mutual deal seems impossible, the only other way is through constructive resignation– that this is the best deal available to them. It may not work, but any other way has failed. Read about it, HERE.

For 75 years the words "Never Again" have been invoked by the memory of the Holocaust, yet genocide and ethnic cleansing still takes place, as even now in Myanmar, thousands of Rhohingya people have been killed by Buddhist militias. Read Jeff Jacoby's Opinion piece from the Boston Globe, HERE.

Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, calling Trump "a dog, son of a b**ch, and a violent man," has refused to take phone call from President Trump and rejects his Mideast Peace Plan even before knowing the full details. This is another sad example of never losing an opportunity to lose an opportunity, HERE. In fact, the PA has announced a "Day of Rage," on the day the plan is to be revealed, calling for "escalation of resistance." Read about their planned mass rage, HERE.

A Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District of the US House of Representatives, Shaniyat Chowdhury, is accusing Israel of "human rights violations" and is a supporter of BDS. Read why he should not be supported, HERE.

Watch a video telling the story of Tibor Rubin, a Holocaust survivor who enlisted with the US Army in the Korean War, and despite acts of heroism, was denied the Medal of Honor by his anti-Semitic sargeant. He finally received it many years later. See a slide show of his life, HERE.

Listen to a Bob Dylan song, The Neighborhood Bully, from 1983, which equates Israel with an “exiled man” who is unjustly labeled a bully for fending off constant attacks by his neighbors, HERE.

Learn the proper protocol to handle Palestinian activists on campuses as exemplified by Georgetown University HERE.

A video about all the wonderful aid Israel provides worldwide, that will bring a tear to your eyes HERE.

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