Our Rabbi, Ian Silverman, earned a BA in psychology from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Communal Service from Brandeis University. His ordination took place at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College where he earned an MA in Jewish Studies and his Teacher's Certificate from Gratz College. He earned a Doctorate of Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Rabbi Silverman has been a pulpit Rabbi for more than 30 years and enjoys working with our children in Religious School, teaching Adult Education courses and writing scholarly essays. Two of these essays, one on the subject of the High Priest and the other on Happenstance and Accident in Jewish traditional sources, were honored with publication in the Conservative Quarterly Journal.

Most recently, he indulged his art hobby by completing a complete set of pastel illustrations depicting each of the weekly portions of the Five Books of Moses.

Rabbi Silverman is married and has two sons.

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Rabbi Silverman's Suggested Sites to See

On the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Muslim and Jewish leaders jointly visited the camp, an historic mission of interfaith leadership, HERE.

Read an older article from The Atlantic asking a complex question, "Are Jews white?", referring to whether or not we are in any danger of losing our status in the US, HERE.

Several prominent US universities failed to disclose a combined total of 1.3 billion in foreign funding, which includes the source Qatar. Qatari donations are made strategically to advance Qatari interests such as glorifying terrorist leaders and spreading anti-Semitism. Read about it HERE. 

Read the latest blog in The Times of Israel, by Judy Davis, of Kehillat Shalom, about Judaic tribalism, HERE.

An overzealous Fieldston history teacher, who made obscene gestures at two Reform rabbis who were justifying Israel's right to exist, suffered an appropriate consequence and was fired. Read about it HERE.

The marking of International Holocaust Remembrance Day this week ignores the failure of the international community to eliminate the Palestinian Authority's demonization of Jews. Read how anti-Semitism is the direct result of the PA's teachings HERE.

College anti-Semitism has reached epidemic proportions, while Trump's new Ececutive Order denying funding to colleges that allow anti-Semitism on campuses has been met with outrage. Read about the FLAME (Facts & Logic About the Middle East) hasbarah campaign and even donate, HERE.

African-American clergy, including Rev. Al Sharpton, met with a NY rabbi to condemn the attacks on Jews in NY in recent weeks. Sharpton has also expressed regret for his rhetoric that helped fuel the Crown Heights riots in 1991. Read about the meeting, HERE.

Terror survivor Kay Wilson received numerous near-deadly slashes in the attempt to aid her friend Kristen Luken, who did not survive the 2010 Palestinian terrorist machete attack. Wilson posted photos of her wounds on Twitter, and Twitter, in response locked her account and let her know the message was in violation of rules about posting images of "gratuitous gore." Her intent was only to show the scars of terror and the insanity of the British government providing funding to the PA, which rewards terrorists. Read the story HERE.

Speaking to the Simon Wiesenthal Center delegation to the Vatican, Pope Francis decried anti-Semitism in response to a speech by Rabbi Marvin Hier. Read about it HERE.

New York Times journalist Bari Weiss spoke at at the rally against anti-Semitism in NYC declaring that she was "a proud Jew." Listen to her powerful words HERE, or read her words HERE.

For the record, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. supported Israel and was among the signers of an appeal, in 1967, to allow Israel's right of passage through the Strait of Tiran. Watch a YouTube video recording his imperative for Jewish sovereignty HERE.

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem currently has an exhibit of looted art from the Holocaust, discovered in 2010 when police looted the apartment of Cornelius Gurlitt, son of a Nazi-era art dealer. Read the fascinating story of how he came to possess this trove, HERE. 

A Palestinian Authority daily columnist criticized the gathering of world leaders in to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz saying calling for murder as the best way to stop the ceremony. Read about it HERE.

StandWithUs has submitted a complaint to the US Dept of Education's Office for Civil Rights alleging that the UCLA administration repeated failed to prevent a hostile campus environment for the Jewish community. Finally, administrators will be forced to respond to this type of harassment. Read about the complaint HERE.

Elior Koroghli, an Orthodox Jew, and member of the Cambodian Royal Family as cousin to the current monarch, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in both LA, where she lives, and in Phnom Penn with the Cambodian royal family. Read about the event HERE.

Support Religious Pluralism in Israel by voting for delegates to the World Zionist Congress, HERE.

Outrage online ensued when Jeopardy rejected the answer "Palestine" for the site of the Church of the Nativity. The correct answer was "Israel," although the church is in Bethlehem, in the West Bank. Read more HERE.

Read an extremely worthwhile warning against anti-Semitic pseudo-intellectualism on campuses such as Bard College- the experience of a Harvard professor, survivor and author invited to speak at Bard, HERE. Read, also, the words of another panelist at the same event, HERE.

A report released by the campus watchdog AMCHA Initiative shows evidence that faculty who support BDS are actively promoting the boycott of Israel to their students as well as limiting and even excluding readings that would provide a more balanced picture of Israel. Read about the study HERE.

Read about more bullying by good people who have swallowed the nonsense of the BDS movement, HERE.

The head of the Reform Movement in N. America, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, says that the US's new position on Israeli settlements will undercut the fight against BDS, but this language of "occupation" relegates the conflict to land alone, when it is more about the Palestinian belief that they have been robbed of their religiously ordained supremacy. Read about it HERE.

See NBC host Conan Nolan speak with Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean and Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, reacting to last week's Iran air strike as well as a discussion on the rise in hate crimes, HERE.

Singer Lionel Richie has been a longtime supporter of Israel and "can't wait" to perform in Tel Aviv in March. Read about it HERE.

Learn the proper protocol to handle Palestinian activists on campuses as exemplified by Georgetown University HERE.

A video about all the wonderful aid Israel provides worldwide, that will bring a tear to your eyes HERE.

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