Our Rabbi, Ian Silverman, earned a BA in psychology from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Communal Service from Brandeis University. His ordination took place at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College where he earned an MA in Jewish Studies and his Teacher's Certificate from Gratz College. He earned a Doctorate of Jewish Studies from the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Rabbi Silverman has been a pulpit Rabbi for more than 25 years and enjoys working with our children in Religious School, teaching Adult Education courses and writing scholarly essays. Two of these essays, one on the subject of the High Priest and the other on Happenstance and Accident in Jewish traditional sources, were honored with publication in the Conservative Quarterly Journal.

Most recently, he indulged his art hobby by completing a complete set of pastel illustrations depicting each of the weekly portions of the Five Books of Moses.

Rabbi Silverman is married and has two sons.

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Rabbi Silverman's Suggested Sites to See

The Palestinian Authority provides several benefits to terrorists and the families of dead terrorists after they've served time in prison. For example, they will accrue enough "blood money" while in prison to buy a Ferrari free of tax. Read about it HERE.

Read an interesting article about the changed Jewish landscapes after the midterm elections–the many new Jewish additions to governorships and to Congress, and the implications for Israel which remain to be seen, HERE.

Watch a scary but important video about what anti-Semitism looks like in 2018–– both the extreme left anti-Israel movement and the extreme right share the same sentiment to exterminate Jews. We need to wake up to the vitriol on both sides and take it as dead serious- and make certain we call it out. Watch the video HERE.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, while in Iran, chanted "Death to America," and said that the US has never been a democracy. Read about his solidarity trip HERE.

The British Labour Party voted NOT to condemn last week's massacre in Pittsburg citing that there's too much focus on "anti-Semitism this, and anti-semitism that." Read about it HERE.

Students for Justice in Palestine will be holding its national conference at UCLA in mid-November. Tell UCLA to cancel this hate conference or be held accountable by signing the petition HERE
he logo for the conference depicts the UCLA bear playing with a Palestinian kite, which can be interpreted as an endorsement of the border violence against Israel. UCLA has issued a cease and desist for the use of the logo, butthe National Students for Justice in Palestine have refused. Read about it HERE.

The PIttsburgh Post Gazette headline for Friday, November 2, 2018 is the Kaddish:

Inexplicably, building on the bias of the al Dura hoax, French TV is still fanning the flames of anti-Semitism and unwarranted anger against Israel. Read why the French Jewish community is concerned, HERE.

Iranian Shay Khatiri has raised over $1 million in the GoFundMe account he set up in the wake of the Tree of Life tragedy. Pittsburghers, touched by his efforts, have showered him with Steelers and Penguins tickets. Read about it HERE.

The doctors who were first to treat Tree of Life Synagogue shooter Robert Bowers at Allegheny General Hospital were Jewish. Read the story HERE.

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers of the Tree of Life Synagogue regrets that he couldn't save more people. Watch an interview with him HERE.

The Iranian Foreign Minister criticized Trump, following the Pittsburgh massacre, for "weaponized demagoguery." A spokesman for Netanyahu, in response, criticized the Iranian FM for his words as coming from a nation that sponsors terrorism. Read the exchange HERE.

While we are all mesmerized by the shiny object of right-wing anti-Semitism, please do not be lulled into thinking that it's their exclusive possession. There's plenty of it on the extreme left, as attested to by this Clinton-Gore Democratic official, HERE.

Netanyahu and Israeli President Rivlin condemned the massacre in Pittsburgh, expressing solidarity with their American brothers and sisters, and Israel remains the spiritual and ancestral homeland of all Jews. But this recognition needs to be reciprocal, and Israel must recognize Conservative and Reform Judaism, even as it is mandated in the Nation-State Law recently passed by the Knesset. Read the New York Times essay by former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, HERE.

In September, a Russian spy plane was downed by the Syrians and blamed on Israel, prompting the Russian government to warn that Israel not to strike Syrian targets. Despite that warning, Israel has continued to carry out strikes in Syria. Read about it HERE.

The New York Times promises that it will hold itself to the highest standard of independence, rigor and fairness, yet its handling of the Arab-Israeli conflict has long been slanted against Israel. CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, has created a timeline of the newspaper's stumbles in its coverage of the conflict this year, HERE.

A new US postage stamp has been released honoring a righteous gentile, Hiram Bingham, who in defiance of State Department officials, granted thousands of visas to Jews and other refugees. Read about it HERE.

Fatah has posted an altered photo intended to deceive Palestinian viewers into thinking that Israeli security services call for their death. See what they've done HERE.

Responding to the book Jerusalem Drawn and Quartered, a blogger from the Times of Israel addresses his message to the author, but is speaking to all Jews who naively "embrace humanism" as "the way toward peace," stating that the historical context of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians is paramount. Read the blog HERE. 

Take 5 minutes and sign an important petition telling UCLA not to allow Students for Justice in Palestine to hold their national conference on the UCLA campus, denying them the ability to spread anti-Semitism, HERE.

Listen to wise words from a former Hamas member who has educated himself and broken away from terrorism, responding to the anti-Israel agenda of British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, HERE.

If you have supported the New Israel Fund in the past, you should reconsider. The New Israel Fund openly advocates the boycott of Israel, opposes the IDF and has funded the defense of families of Hamas terrorists. Read what the NIF sponsors HERE.

Morocco's King Mohammed VI has ordered that the Holocaust be included in the school texbooks of high schools, an example of moderation and ethics among Arab states. Read of the king's compassion for Jews HERE.

The far-right German political party, AfD is stirring up anti-Semitism and alarmingly, gaining ground and popularity. Please sign a Letter of Support to the German Jewish community to let them know that global Jewry stands with them, HERE.

Read a fascinating sotyr of an Indian Muslim, descendant of royalty, who heroically worked against the Nazis, HERE.

Read the story of Yehudit Abrams, a remarkable woman, a techie who created an early detection breast cancer device-- and she's a convert to Judaism. Read her story HERE.

If you wish to have a say in checking BDS faculty from acting against students interested in studying in Israel, please sign a petition to University presidents HERE.

Jamal Khashoggi was likely murdered by the Saudis, but he was committed to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and hoped the Israel would "die by force." Read about it HERE.

US Representative Brad Sherman (D.-California) wrote a letter to UCLA denouncing the upcoming National Students for Justice in Palestine conference, to be held on the campus in November, accusing the SJP of discriminatory behavior. Read about it HERE.

Many are pressuring Twitter to suspend the account of Louis Farrakhan over a tweet that compared Jews with termites. Read about it HERE.

Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teen that was arrested for assaulting an Israeli soldier, has stated that she supports any form of violence against Jews toward the destruction of Israel, yet many Jews on the left have defended her. Read why her Jewish defenders should apologize to the Jewish community HERE.

70 Americans have been killed by Palestinian terrorists since the signing of the Oslo Accords. According to US law, anytime an American citizen is murdered by terrorists abroad, our government has jurisdiction and is directed to prosecute the perpetrator to the full extent of the law. There is no statue of limitations. In the case of Ari Fuld, assistant director of Standing Together, which supports Israeli soldiers, and who was killed this past September, Jordan has refused US extradition of Ahlam Tamimi, who has bragged of her exploits. We must demand her extradition. Read about it HERE. Contribute to a GoFundMe campaign to Ari Fuld's family HERE.

The women's glamor magazine, Vogue, in its Vogue Arabia edition, recently published a letter and accompanying photo of Ahed Tamimi, who just finished a prison term for slapping an Israeli soldier. She was trying to invoke an incident while her mother filmed it, yet it was obviously staged and Tamimi has called for stabbings and suicide bombings against Israelis- the Tamimi family has attempted to create a fantasy for political advantage. Read about it HERE. 

Learn the proper protocol to handle Palestinian activists on campuses as exemplified by Georgetown University HERE.

A video about all the wonderful aid Israel provides worldwide, that will bring a tear to your eyes HERE.

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