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Israel Items of Interest

Keep up with the latest news in Israeli advocacy, the Daily Alert, HERE.

Film recommendation: Mekonen, the story of an Ethiopian Jew who makes peace with an emotional past and embraces his future in Israel, becoming a decorated officer in the IDF while remaining true to his African roots and culture.

Did you know that the first victim of 9-11 was an Israeli Special Forces Veteran who rushed the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11 to stop the hijackers, but was murdered in his attempt to stop these al-Queda terrorists. Watch a quick video, HERE. 

Read about a small guitar workshop in Jaffa, creating the finest instruments, HERE.

A PhD student at Hebrew University has won an award for developing a test to detect Parkinson's Disease. Read about it HERE.

Three years after publishing an anti-Israel letter in the medical journal, The Lancet, the editor admits he has deep regrets and has dedicated the latest issue to highlighting health care in Israel. Read about it HERE.

Read an article by Chris Coons and Marco Rubio from the Wall Street Journal, "Every Senator Agrees the UN Must Change," HERE.

Israel's medical clowns- they cheer up sick kids, reduce anxiety, decrease pain, and alleviate depression. They are Jews, Christian Arabs, and others. Watch a YouTube video about them HERE.

Learn about the connection of Jews with Israel, the decades-long quest of Israel for peace with it's neighbors, the failure of Palestinian leadership to turn conflict into coexistence, and the contrast between the fate of Palestinian and Jewish refugees from the Arab-Israel conflict, HERE. 

Women of the IDF video


Rabbi Silverman's Suggested Sites to See

Judy Davis, in her Times of Israel blog, writes of Yahya Mahamid, and Israeli Arab who grew up hating Jews and Israelis, but questioned this education/indoctrination and is now an educator with StandWithUs. Read about his story HERE.

What's the REAL story of East Jerusalem? Read HERE.

By acknowledging what everyone knows– that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State – Trump is making history and finally calling the bluff of the Palestinians. Read the New York Post article HERE.

Whatever our politics, it is noteworthy and important that President Trump has declared Jerusalem the capitol of Israel and will move the US embassy there. Read several articles on this topic:
   No Sense Denying the Jewish Connection to Jerusalem
   There is No Zionism Without Jerusalem
   Jerusalem: Heart of Our Heart, Soul of Our Soul
   Jerusalem like you've never heard her before
   Re-asserting the ligitimacy of Israel & Zionism

A Swedish filmmaker is accusing Sweden's national public TV of anti-semitic behavior after it refused to air his documentary on terrorism, Watching the Moon at Night (see trailer HERE), because it features 4 Israelis. Read about it HERE.

Please write your Congressman with your concerns about a bill prohibiting Israeli detention and interrogation of Palestinian minors in the House of Representatives:
Alan Dershowitz writes that several Congressional Democrats are requesting lenient treatment for young terrorists who murder Israelis, calling for the State Department to hold US dollars slated for the Israeli military because of their treatment in detaining Palestinian children. It is, however, well established that young Palestinians are recruited and encouraged to commit acts of terrorism against Jews and the Jewish State (read the Dershowitz article HERE). The bill should actually be holding the PA leadership accountable for child abuse. The following are recent examples of Palestinian children encouraged to or performing acts of terrorism, under a systematic effort by the PA to turn their children into little terrorist missiles:
• Watch a video from an Islamic satellite channel for children called "Birds of Paradise," broadcast from Bahrain and aired in Gaza, which horribly indoctrinates the youngest Palestinian children to die as martyrs with imagery of armed Palestinian children murdering Jewish children, HERE.
• A little Palestinian girl demonstrates how to slit the throats of Jews on Palestinian social media, chanting "Stab, stab stab!" inciting Palestinians to continue rioting, throwing rock and using violence against Israelis, HERE.
• The PA and Fatah honor a murderer and declare him a martyr, after he killed a 13-year-old Israeli girl as she slept in her bed, HERE.
 Two eight-year-old children were sent on a mission to attachd Israeli civilians south of Jerusalem. Read the story HERE.
• The PA turns child terrorists into role models by naming summer camps after them. Read about it HERE.

Three distinguished British authors wrote a letter to the editor of The Times of London decrying the anti-Zionism that has become widespread in the British Labour Party. Read about it HERE.

German public TV canceled a slated concert with former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters due to a wave of protest against Waters' anti-Jewish views, even while Waters concert at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, built and maintained wtih taxpayer dollers, went on without a hitch in September of this year. Read about it HERE.

Demands of the Palestinian Authority made by the Obama Admiminstration went ignored, and yet the US continued to fund the PA. The Trump Administration has made the same demands. Will the PA continue to ignore them and still receive payments? Read about it HERE.

Anti-Semitism is as likely to be found among left wing progressives as right wing conservatives. Read this important piece from our neighbor Judy Davis, from The Times of Israel, HERE.

A good defense of Israel from an unlikely source, Kuwaiti writer Abdullah Al-Hadlaq, HERE.

Anti-Semitism made cute– A Pace University history professor has authored a new children's book  that condones terrorism against Israel. Read about it HERE.

The New School is hosting a panel on anti-Semitism, featuring Linda Sarsour. Protested by Jewish liberal groups, the university then suggested these groups organize their own event. With over 10,000 signatures collected in just 4 days, an apology from the New School has been demanded. Read about it HERE.

Jewish citizens of the State of Israel should not be bound by rulings of Orthodox Halakhah as formulated by Haredim, in the practice of religion, their Jewish peoplehood or Jewish identity. Read a blog from The Times of Israel, HERE.

A PA youth magazine teaches children that throwing rocks at Jews is mandated by the prophet Muhammed. Read about it HERE.

Why are the Jewish scholars of our nation's universities not raising their voices against offensive anti-Semitic and anti-Israel misrepresentations on campuses? Read of their cowardice in The Times of Israel, HERE.

Learn about being a Zioness--a progressive, proud Zionist, she is rooted in Jewish values, stands for justice and fights against all forms of oppression. Watch several videos by Zioness co-founder Amanda Berman, HERE.

The Zionist Organization of America honored Steve Bannon- but he is bad for the Jews, according to New York Times columnist Brett Stephens. Beware of those who say they love Israel and support her most likely because they feel Israel is the only legitimate place for Jews. Read the article HERE.

An earthquake struck the border of Iran-Iraq, Israel offered medical aid to the victims. PM Netanyahu explains why in a video HERE.

An Israeli widow and her 5 children escaped when a Palestinian terrorist broke into her home in July, but her husband will killed. This week she met White House officials to condemn the financial reward to the family of the killer, with the US Senate gearing to vote on the Taylor Force Act, which would cut US funding to the PA if it doesn't discontinure this practice. Read the Times of Israel article HERE.

Israel hopes to be the 4th nation to land on the moon. Watch the video, HERE.

Tell Congress to pass the Background Check Expansion Act. Sign the petition HERE.

Support Ken Marcus for the nomination to the US Department of Education for Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights. He is under attack by anti-Israel extremists. Urge your senators to support this nomination.


Learn the proper protocol to handle Palestinian activists on campuses as exemplified by Georgetown University HERE.

A video about all the wonderful aid Israel provides worldwide, that will bring a tear to your eyes HERE.



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Tikun Olam Events

Rabbi Silverman, with the puppeteer help of Evan Keiser, presented a Purim puppet show at Atria Assisted Living in East Northport, on February 22. Residents, both Jewish and non-Jewish, were delighted and entranced.

PJ Library Link

Joha Makes a Wish – A Program at the Suffolk Y Jewish Community Center
Sunday, December 8th, 4:00-5:30 pm

This program celebrates the grand opening of the museum exhibit "From the 4 corners-Am Israel Chai." Middle Eastern food and an art project are included. Joha Makes a Wish is written by Eric Kimmel and illustrated by Omar Rayyan

Registration is required. Fee: $5 per child, $8 per adult.
For additional information, please contact Ron Hayden at 631-462-9800, x120
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Continuing Religious Education

Download our Shabbat Prayer and Song Book

Religious School Handbook, 2017-2018

The Bar Bat Mitzvah Handbook


SHMA Suffolk Hebrew Midrasha Academy
South Huntington Jewish Center
2600 New York Avenue
Melville, NY
Call for information- 631-643-5979
Registration Application

Sulam Calendar of Meetings


Sulam Leadership Link

Chaverim Calendar of Meetings

All meetings held from 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm;
Sundays from 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Monday, December 18
Monday, January 8
Sunday, January 28



Kadima Calendar of Meetings

All meetings held from 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Thursday, December 14
Thursday, December 21
Thursday, January 4
Thursday, January 18



USY Calendar of Meetings

All meetings held on Sundays, 7:30 pm

January 7 (HJC)
January 28 (ENJC)
February 4 (HJC)
February 11 (ENJC)
March 11 (HJC)
March 25 (ENJC)
April 8 (HJC)
April 22 (ENJC)
May 6 (HJC)




Class Shabbats

Bet Class Shabbat - January 5
Pre-Gan/Gan Class Shabbat - February 9
Gimmel Class Shabbat - March 9
Daled/Hay Class Havdalah - December 2

Alef Consecration  - April 27
School Awards/Hay Graduation - May 18

Family Education

All Family Education Programs take place during Religious School hours

Alef - February 12
Bet - April 15
Gimmel - December 4
Daled - April 22
Hay - March 12




Upcoming Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

January 13 - Lily Frucht

January 20 - Max Schweitzer

March 10 - Ryan Gibson

March 17 - Meredith Gilbert

April 14 - Nathaniel Davis

April 21 - Esther Loring

April 28 - Ethan Korenshtein

May  - Gavin Friedman

June 2 - Ava Ashkenas


Calendar of Children's (Tot) Services

All services take place from 6:30-7:30 pm, except where noted

January 5

February 2

March 23

May 4



Please note: Children must be accompanied by an adult

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The East Northport Jewish Center
328 Elwood Road
East Northport, NY, 11731  

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Religious School: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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