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    About us

    Welcome to the East Northport Jewish Center. We are a Conservative, egalitarian synagogue of approximately 300 families. We are truly multi-generational; our youngest members are infants, our oldest are in their nineties. On any Shabbat, you can find three generations of the same family in our pews. Read More
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    Summer Blood Drive

    With a critical blood shortage this summer, there is an urgent need for donors. Please share this lifesaving gift! Read More
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    BBQ Shabbat

    Enjoy a summer food favorite in the waning days of summer, followed by a Shabbat under the stars! Read More
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    High Holiday Services

    We invite you to join us for our 2018/5779 High Holiday Services Read More
  • Selichot 2018 at the ENJC

    Selichot 2018 at the ENJC

    Selichot begins the High Holiday season, with an emphasis on penitential prayers. Join us for a hilarious, searching and movie story of one man's quest for spiritual enlightenment. Read More
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    High Holiday Service Babysitting

    Your children are safe and secure in age-appropriate classrooms while you worship on the High Holidays Read More
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Well, as Jack Nicholson said in the movie, The Shining,  "I’m Baaaaack!!!"

I am honored to be the ENJC President again. We are facing challenging times, but I am convinced that we have started the turn-around with a few positive steps. First we have hired Fran Pearlman as the principal of our Religious School. Fran comes to us with tremendous experience and some exciting ideas for the school year. She has already been busy working on programming. We have hired Lisa Maron as a tutor for our Bar and Bat Mitzvah students. The parents and children have been very happy with how their lessons are progressing.

ENJC has hired Larry Magarick as our cantor for the High Holidays. Chazzan Magarick lives in Brooklyn and is excited to be our fill-in cantor. Please join us on Selichot, Saturday night September 1 to meet Cantor Larry.

The High Holidays represent a special time to connect with the Jewish community. We share in observing the beginning of our new year with Jews worldwide. And, at the ENJC, as the seats fill in our sanctuary, we are thrilled to see fellow congregants at synagogue meetings and social events, members of our shul that perhaps we haven't seen since this time last year, extended family members, and we welcome our newest members as well.

While this is a time of anticipation and joy, it is a time of reflection as well. We look at our actions of the past year and formulate resolutions for the year to come. This is a time to connect with our Jewish identity, to celebrate changes and plan ahead. So why not resolve to become more involved with your Jewish community in the coming year?

I want to thank all of the board members in advance of the work that they will be doing for our shul in the next year. I appreciate the commitment that all the new and returning board members are making.

If you have pre-school or school-aged children, bring them to Tot Shabbats, Jr. Congregation and Youth Group events. While you’re at it, have a say in what they’re learning and doing in Religious School and come to our Education meetings or Youth Group Committee meetings.

If you’re interested in how our Jewish history, customs and beliefs affect our daily lives, participate in our Adult Education programs. You can also come to Ritual meetings and take part in the decisions that affect how we, at the ENJC, follow the traditions of our faith.

Do you follow Israeli politics, or are you interested in Israeli culture? Come hear speakers, do some Israeli dancing, enjoy Israeli foods, and while you’re at it, get involved with the Israeli Advocacy and Cultural Affairs Committee.

If you enjoy our programming – holiday celebrations, Chavurah Dinners, golf outings, fantasy sport leagues, Paid-Up Membership Dinners and Casino Nights – join Men’s Club or Sisterhood, where you are also welcomed to join their boards and committees. And of course you can be a part of the Community Relations and Fundraising committees of the ENJC as well.

If you are proficient with computer graphic software, our communications outlets would welcome your involvement with the Bulletin, Weekly Update and ENJC.org website.

And if you are concerned about the welfare of your fellow congregants, please consider joining the Chesed Committee.

These and many more opportunities await you at the ENJC. You can choose to simply participate, or you can be involved behind the scenes. But please resolve to be more involved in all that the ENJC has to offer in the year ahead.


  • Ian Silverman, Rabbi
  • Frank Brecher, ENJC President
  • The Fast Day in Tammuz


View current news articles, commentary, videos and more that have an impact on Jewish culture, politics and religion at 
Rabbi Silverman's Sites to See

The Importance of Civility

It's always been a bit ironic that as we move into the more carefree summer months, in which we hope to relax and to live a life of leisure, that the Jewish calendar calls for us not to relax but to move into a three week period when we don't eat meat (except for Shabbat), and when we limit swimming, weddings and shaving. The three week period commences this year on July 1 and ends with Tisha B'Av July 21-22 (beginning after Shabbat). All this quasi-mourning-like behavior is due to the fact that we twice lost Jerusalem and the Holy Temples on this day. Our sages taught that we were exiled and destroyed, not because we were outmatched militarily, but also because we were weak inside. 

One of the people's flaws was that of sinat chinam, unwarranted hatred of our fellow man. The classic story is told of a host, Kamza, who was not ready to forget the dislike of his guest, Bar Kamza, even though the guest had come to Kamza's home thinking he was forgiven. The story's pathos is the missed opportunity of civility, forgiveness and friendship. In its place, the host humiliates the person who tried to build a relationship with him. Our sages compare the act of shaming another as the equivalent of shedding blood (murder), because humiliation drains the blood from the face or fills it with redness. Rabbi Shammai, a great rabbi, humiliated a potential convert by throwing him out of his Yeshiva when the convert challenged Rabbi Shammai to tell him about Judaism while standing on one foot. When the convert came to Rabbi Hillel with the same challenge, Rabbi Hillel responded, “That which is hateful to you, don't do to another, all the rest is commentary.” “Receive everyone with joyful countenance,” he says elsewhere. Anger and impatience get the best of even the greatest among us. Moses doesn't get into the Promised Land because of it and even God, at times, is held back and talked down by the righteous. Rabbi Meir once prayed for the death of sinners. “Pray instead,” says his wife, Bruria, “ for their repentance and change, and there will not be any sinners and wickedness will cease.” Rabbi Meir admits that his wife's solution is far better.

Another of the people's flaws was the way they spoke to and about one another. Lason Hara, or evil speech, is a grave sin, even if what we say is true. Motzi Shem Ra is badmouthing another. It's not even permitted to praise a person in front of someone who dislikes that person because it will often elicit words to the contrary! These laws are not easy to follow. All the more difficult is to hold one's tongue. Our sages tell us that we have one mouth and two ears, so that we can listen twice as much as we talk, and that we have teeth and lips to restrain our tongue from what we shouldn't say. There are even rules against rebuking another. It is an important mitzvah to call out another when they are doing something contrary the the Torah, but it should be done in private so as not to embarrass them. And if one knows that it will only entrench the bad behavior, it too, should be avoided.

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I am amazed that it is a month since my last article; nothing goes quicker than a summer in New York! I feel that my summer is over before it began. Although the temperature is warm between the high holidays and the start of the football season, Summer is over–GO GIANTS! As you are reading this article, I will be burning the midnight oil and working on my Yom Kippur Apeal speech.

There has been a whirlwind of meetings during the summer. The ENJC team has accomplished so much in a very short time, but September will be awesome. Our Ritual VP, Ed Isaac, is dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” to make sure that all the honors are in place for the High Holidays. Our Education VP, Brad Becker, has been working with our new Principal, Fran Pearlman, on readying the teachers, schedule and new Religious School program. We are all excited about the exciting new ideas, staff and year ahead.

We will be increasing our security for the Holidays. We are asking our congregants to help us help you. All of our ushers will be checking tickets at the front door, so we ask your cooperation by having your tickets in your hand every time you want to enter the building. We will be making no exceptions - all board members must show their tickets too. The only way we can be 100% compliant in making sure we have a safe and secure building is with everyone helping.

Last year we experimented with accepting credit cards, and the board has decided to continue to accept them this year. Please be advised that if you choose to use credit cards to pay your yearly dues, there will be a 2% fee charged. When you make a donation using charge cards, we waive the 2% fee.

Arnie Carter is heading up our Cantor search committee. Arnie and his committee has and will be interviewing many candidates so that they can make the best selection for the future of East Northport Jewish Center.

The Holidays will be different in the Brecher household this year, as both of my children will be home. The last time both were home was 2012. Wow - a lot has changed in 6 years. And it will be nice not having to pay for college this year!

On behalf of my family, I would like to wish all a L’Shannah Tovah! I want to wish all a healthy new year. As we know, nothing in this world can replace health. As my mom always said – “Have a happy and healthy New Year!” –with the emphasis on health.

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Musings About the Fast Day in Tammuz

Beginning on July 1, we enter into the period of Bein HaMeitzarim (between dire straits). We begin with a day of fast on the 17th of Tammuz, and we end on the night of Sunday, July 22 with Tisha B'Av. This year, we extend an extra day, due to Shabbat falling on the 9th of Av. This period of time, according to tradition, includes certain restrictions– in music listening, in eating meat (except Shabbat), swimming and purchasing new items, and the restrictions ramp up after the new month of Av begins (Should you be interested in these details, please contact Rabbi Ian). The day of fast, with no food or drink, begins with first light and ends with starlight, and is quite demanding because of the long days and heat of summer. Those who attempt to fast should stay in air conditioning and drink, if they feel their health at risk.

Here are some historical events that are associated with the 17th of Tammuz:

1. Moses broke the tablets when he saw the Jewish people worshipping the golden calf.

2. During the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, the Jews were forced to cease offering the daily sacrifices, due to lack of sheep.

3. Apostomos, a Roman ruler, burned the Holy Torah.

4. An idol of Zeus was placed in the Holy Temple.

5. The walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Romans, in 69 CE, after a lengthy siege (Three weeks later, after the Jews put up a valiant struggle, the Romans destroyed the second Holy Temple on the 9th of Av). 

6. The Jerusalem Talmud maintains that this is also the date when the Babylonians breached the walls of Jerusalem and would, in three weeks time, finish destroying the first Temple.

It is interesting that the formative event at the time of Moses, was the smashing of the tablets upon seeing idolatry. Tradition tells us that the first Temple was made into rubble because of the same sin of idolatry. Anther midrashic legend connects the spies giving a bad report and convincing Israel of its inadequacy to the 9th of Av. One begins to think that certain days of the calendar have bad karma. But this cannot be in Judaism, because we know that all is in God's hands, except reverence and faith in Him, and if this is so, when we are penitent and pray and are charitable, we avert the evil decree. Thus, in Jewish belief, misfortune can be undone, but so much of that depends upon our choices and our mindset.

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Membership Vice President Linda Pollack
Ritual Vice President Ed Isaac
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The East Northport Jewish Center Men's Club is a social organization open to all male members of the synagogue. Its mission is to involve Jewish men in Jewish life and to promote friendship and comaraderie in that community by providing opportunities for socializing, networking and supporting synagogue activities.

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2017-2018 Woman of Achievement Beth Krantz, with family and friends

The East Northport Jewish Center Sisterhood is an active arm of the synagogue, made up of a dynamic, vibrant group of women of all ages, who together work toward providing rich and varied programs of educational, cultural and social value for the congregation. Through these efforts, we reinforce our bond with Israel and Jews worldwide.

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USYGroup 18

The ENJC Youth Group's activities combine a wide variety of monthly events created for different age groups. Anyone looking for fun, friends, social or cultural events, community service or leadership opportunities will find them in our youth lounge.

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Families in hundreds of communities across the United States and Canada are exploring the timeless core values of Judaism through books and music. PJ Library is a Jewish Family Engagement program implemented on a local level throughout North America, which mails free, high quality Jewish children's literature and music to families on a monthly basis. If you are raising Jewish children from age six months through eight years, you are welcome to enroll.

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